2023 TT

Anyone following this? Incredible records are still being broken - 135mph average speed laps. the first 120mph average speed lap with a sidecar.

Honda Racing posted some details of the Fireblade being ridden by John McGuinness this year. Telemetry tells them the bike is at full throttle for 30.03% of each lap, or 11.37 miles out of 37.73. John has done 17 laps so far, meaning he and the bike have done over 190 miles on public roads, absolutely flat out.


They are completely crackers!

Saw the 3 wheelers yesterday. Mad fuckers

That’s mad.

During my sons ice hockey playing days two of the senior players (and their dad) were very much into the tt sidecar racing. Even Des their dad said they were daft as brushes, but encouraged them. I see they are competing this year as Team Founds, if Alan and Peter Founds ride as they played ice hockey, it’ll be a white knuckle ride, in competion with each other the adrenaline takes over, they use to have everything barr sense on the ice. Great lads though, I wish them well.

Late to the party as usual, I see Pete Founds came second and brother Alan tenth, bragging rights to Pete for the next 12 months then.

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Peter Hickman has lapped the TT circuit at an average of 136.3mph.


Unbelievable speeds over such a long distance, some sectors they are almost at 150mph average speed!

Very interesting to see little difference in speed between the Stockers and Superbikes.

As fast as the IOM TT is, I think if they were still running the Ulster GP they would be up at 140mph laps.

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The Birchall brothers lapped at 120mph, not to be outdone Peter Founds did the same, but this was the sidecar race. Only 16mph slower than the bikes, crazy, crazy people.


Not the TT but I thought it worth posting

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