2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Roast pork on brioche then.



Beautiful, lucky to have places like this on our doorstep .


Cuts to 15 flatulent men and their Hi-Fis.


I’m going to pay the remainder of the balance in the next week or so and send out payment details but before any of that happens it crossed my mind that there will be a few more bodies(literally) using the floorspace for make shift beds. And a few more bodies that will need feeding.
What does everyone think about a small kitty for essentials for breakfast etc,??
Last time it worked on the kindness of us all and will probably do the same but,
Rather than get a list of who’s bringing what we could avoid duplication of items.

At it stands the cost will be something along the lines of £15 for the weekend, if we make it £20 basics can be covered off?? Or more and get a carcass for the firepit…

Then like last time we can all bring other bits to help out. I’ll still be bringing plenty of home made this and thats…


Sounds fine to me


And to me, especially the carcass bit.


B&B fee of £20 sounds good but I’m guessing everyone will be bringing additional treats


Yep, sounds like a plan to me.


If you post a list of what you intend to buy, I’m sure any duplication can be kept to a minimum


I can put a list together in the next few days and the if I’ve missed out I can add it. ??

Mostly I was thinking cooked breakfast gear , and butter milk that kinda thing






OK with me.


Sounds a good plan


Cool with me, good idea.




Sounds good. I’ll brew up a special ale for the occasion :+1:


That’s a cracking idea, in honour of stronzetto


I’ve got some plums in a jar just waiting to be passed round everyone’s lips