2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


How much for 500 mince pies, x3 hardened gogo girls flown in direct from Soi Cowboy and a live set from Charlotte Gainsbourg round the camp fire?


Way above my station, all I know are a couple of grippers from Kirby and much as I try the powers that be keep the muffin recipe clear of my crib…help


“girls” might be a misnomer :flushed:


gogo ladies doesn’t sound right either ?



They are beautiful, but Non !


You want to minimize pork duplication? :scream:


I think he’s looking for more pork variation


K, 500 mince pies ?


Sounds like an Indecent Proposal


Sounds good to me.

Being as how it’s Devon, White pudding, Hogs pudding, call it what you will, any chance?


I didn’t think white pudding was allowed out of Scotchland due to it being made from fat scrapings off slaughterhouse walls.


Fuck all that shit

BLACK pudding :+1:


Mmmmm delicious. Nowt wrong with a bit of white pud :drooling_face:


Hogs pudding, not white pud, my mishtake


photo VomitingSmiley.gif


Rong. But you can give me your share so it is OK.


I brought both white and black puddings to last year’s weekender - don’t you remember, you feckin drongos…


This √


you lot need to get some Red Pudding to complete the set


Holy christ you are some fussy, FUSSY fuckers!