2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Doesn’t it have to be running water? Not sure water behind a dam counts. I’m going to sleep with a silver interconnect round my neck just in case.


Yay! Funtime Bob!


I’m in bitches! and i have an extremely stinky ww2 anti gas cape!


That just screams “Role Play”. Do you have gas masks and other rubber paraphenalia?


You have to ask ???



…and you’re gonna need it! :mask:


What’s that old piece of advice? “Trust but verify”.

Would be terrible to have such a catastrophic logistical snafu.


I’m on the verge of ripping down our rotten shed. Will it kill everyone if we burn it fumes wise?


You’re gradually removing all of the character from a garden that was so carefully conceived by the original developers. What next? The redundant satellite dish?


I have gas mask amongst other items…


Looks like there’s some nice Peat just over the fence can you bring that as well?




I can but the car lags a bit with anything more than 40 tons in the boot


Oh. You’re aren’t going to be able to give more than a couple of meatmen lifts down to the barn then.



Some eroded brickwork from the back right by the look of it.


Can still get 2 or 3 at a push in the glove compartment


Will there be prog?
I have a rifle and bren gun.


Might be :smirk: