2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


If he puts prog on, just turn it off and kick him in the bollocks.

And check whether autocorrect gives you kick or lick before you post. Glad I spotted that one.


I guess either is ok amongst friends.


I’m not fussed :unamused:


About friends?


Not in my line of work :thinking:


I am expecting a lot of this…


From 9.50



^^ Yebbut not from his mouth. …


Please, please, please get your van repaired.



In case anyone likes Beth Rowley, she is appearing at the Barbican Plymouth on Thursday 28th June, the day before Lopwell. New album due out in June.

I’ve bought a ticket (E3) and will get a b&b in town for Thursday.


Will it be warm enough for this?


oh I got to get me some of that. I wonder if they do glitter cock?




OK I will be bringing an outside system for the fire pit area, JBL EON1500 with Hafler DH101/220 amp, MQHT Havana DAC and a laptop wiv music on.

If I need to bring inside stuff somebody needs to let me know.


I can bring a chainsaw,speaker stands,2 tier rack,cables etc


Chainsaw = good.

Are the speaker stands, rack & cables for burning?


Whatever the collective sees fit to do with them


Has a system been sorted yet?


The thing I liked about last year was the system just got set up didn’t need faffing and pretty much provided a decent sound.

I think Guy co-ordinated the sound last year?