2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Yep it sounded great from the off, more time to spend listening to music rather than obsessing about tweaking hifi.


HiFi! wtf! You could have warned me there would be bloody hifi.


Don’t worry, there’ll be no Steepletone or the like that could make you hate your own stereo.


The hifi won’t be bloody as long as you take enough care with that axe Bob.






Heh, one track each off about 10 LPs whilst the cognac soaked in, until I was trying to find that hard to find track hidden within the run out groove on a white vinyl LP :man_facepalming:


Hopefully there’ll be more of that this year…:heart_eyes:

I have a nice botteille de Calvados XO to fetch along :+1:


Sounds like my basement system.

No, wait…


We’re planning to add some faff this time around.



Will we be doing 100% faff, or will someone also bring a TT? :grinning:


Tapes and white coats then. Half-moon specs FTW.



Like this, you mean?:


@Valvebloke’s new lab coat?


‘Fit to be tied …’



To save on faff could Paul bring his system? Oh and some peat for the fire - lots of peat


Wouldn’t bank on it,he didn’t bring the canoe last year :expressionless:


That could work.

I’ll sort out the logistics and probably leave for Lopwell tomorrow afternoon…


Just the usual selection of your SUTs :slightly_smiling_face:

Is that just your analogue front end? Aren’t you bring any amps or speakers then?


Nah, 80% of those packages are, of course, turntables :laughing:



If that’s all you’re bringing I could send stronzzy up to leand an anus. That lot would fill his cavity with room to spare. I’d keep him away from funzie and sheep - he would worry both and get in a rare old state.