2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


What about a SIT? Any around? Would they work?


I might be able to borrow a Nelson Pass SIT 2.
Good for about 10Wpc iirc


The push pull 845 amps might make a fist of driving those. I’ll have to dust them off.


@ICHM are you bringing a big amp for @crimsondonkey to borrow? Could be fun to try that as well. The JBLs are rated to go quite loud…


Happy to bring the an s7c sut.


:joy:Yes the fat assed Perreau 3150 speaker welder


I have my Doge 9 mono Amps 2 x 211 tubes per amp and 234 wpc. Very heavy. Collect (2 persons)


Actually still very, very, very heavy even after I chopped 5kg or so of glass and metal off each one.



Am on a bit of a timber run, is this place open for kipping on the Friday night?


It could be you and the chicken spooning in front of the fire round the back :grinning:


Many of us were there on the Friday night last year.



Yep I’ve booked the Friday off this time to spend Friday night eating, boozing and listening :+1:


We’ll try not to keep you awake.


Graeme said he would wake you up at 5 :scream:


I think I was one of them, can’t remember, it’s an age thing.


Friday night

The midnight walk will be a spiritual experience peppered with A&E and mild skirmishing


To a soundtrack of Dancehall and Dub poetry.


I think we should jemmy open The Bunker.


I’ll have a van full of tools
None will be left in the van overnight…


Please to remember the car jack - yours was the winner of the 'Jack-off" last year