2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Wait and see


Thank fuck no one is bringing a CD player!

Enjoy the gig by the way :grinning:


Captain Jasper’s


Fuck, have you got a camera on me as well?


Mods ! MODS !!!

Oh, hang on…


In Morten enjoying a beer.


Essentials reminder



Morten enjoys multitasking


Morten dreams of the wild Northern frontier

And of wild Northern frontiersmen…


Jesus, a few beers and I’ve turned into ZTT era Paul Morley.



Safe journey all.

Enjoy yourselves, pack sun lotion and watch your diets.


I am beginning to worry about you and stronzetto in the same room…


Car packed and ready to head off to stop #1 Brewery

Safe journey everyone


yeah have a great time everyone, make sure you take plenty of incriminating photos.

Oh and don’t forget to use hand sanitizer


Have a great weekend chaps.


Have a great weekend guys, please provide moment by moment pictorial cape up dates :metal:


Just leaving now, after oversleeping because I expected to be woken up by the kids and Claire getting ready for school. Except today is an inset day… :roll_eyes:

Taking the scenic route, be there around 5 or 6 ish. If there could be a nice cold beer waiting for me, that would be fantastic :kissing_heart:


Sorry mate, the bar closes at 5 :grin:


any room service after 5?