2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Wishing you all the most wonderful of times and sending you my thoughts and prayers in equal measure. :slight_smile:


Have an excellent weekend lads and hope the weather stays good.


once you’ve emptied those out on Friday night - all you need is a few planks and some rope and you’ve got yourselves a readymade bonding teamwork exercise of raft building…


Our ETA is 321, but with Pete driving like a cunt we’ll probably be there by 3


I’ve had lemon curd for breakfast


OK, car packed and I’m leaving now. See you all later !



On my way…ETA 1 pm


In Bristol


Long queues at Fulton interchange


People still here til 2.30.

If you arrive soon pop round to mine


Jim is now reading the car manual, because the “drive moderately” warning keeps flashing up


I’ve just realised! The pizza dough was fermenting like fuck in this weather, they let put it in the fridge before my van turned into a marshmallow


Just going to hang out here and have a coffee


Have a great time guys.


This ^


Nah this ^


Show off


Have a really GREAT weekend guys. Overdo it!


I think we will be needing more wood…


:open_mouth: don’t forget the hand sanitizer