2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Having a lovely drive down the A49, so much less stressful than the bloody motorway. Decided to stop just outside Hereford for a spot of lunch…


Jim deliberately activated that warning message before Pete took over the driving… Particularly as Pete will see that Nurburgring video as a challenge…


Actually I have sat at my bloody desk drinking H2O listening to my boss gloating about demitting from his Head of School role (and spend the last two years of his career being a prof doing sod all), and how much fun it will be watching me being acting head for 6 months until the University work out what they want to do with Schools/Departments/Divisions…


Fuck me, this is the eternal journey.


After rearranging the furniture,the speakers are in


Am stationary on M4 looking at sign telling traffic to stay 2 chevrons apart


Am at jct with M32 and Google maps says I am still 3 hours away :persevere:


Journey without end. Have R2Rs but traffic since has been shite. ETA 7.15pm


Enjoy all :wink:



Not much data throughput though. Just had to stand out the front for three minutes to upload that!


We’ve just put your potato on the BBQ :+1:



ETA now 7.40 :grimacing:


Who brought an NVA amp.:wink:


its 4.3Mb lower the resolution



Cranage without the aah



Has the barn subsided under the combined weight of the 'Toir and the comestibles stored therein?



I like the Pope the Pope smokes cigars

We do not have enough carbs, it’s potato time

Coco chilli has evolved into one of nature’s greatest wonders