2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Can someone get shitfaced, barf in the fire and make a right idiot of themself on my behalf, ta muchly.


There’s too much food. It’s not possible.


And the food will be too good to barf…


I can concur :+1:


Has Browellm been beheaded?


On a spike. All the mods.


Not where the spikes are best applied.



…but not of the food nor the comraderie in beautiful surroundings and glorious weather. Not even of the curd.

There is money to be made from a potential tour of looky-likeys in the comfort of people’s homes.

Want coffee made by Salman Rushdie? You got it.

Want to see the American Ambassador to the UK wear a cape while fettling your valve amp?



that would be fun


Ricky Tomlinson in the background.



It’s been a tiring day, it really takes it out of you…


Don’t worry, the cape will recharge him for later.




Shit, that looks like a body bag !


Good time to break out the Sharpies I think :wink:


Natural habitat

Having been robbed by brownies yesterday guy was keen to repel all boarders… last seen shouting “land & sea”…” we will bum them on the beaches”

The pork received 18 hours of tanning, the scent brought guy back to roost.




The effects of glue, people should do more glue.


Sounds fu, preferred source for volume turned up. The room and the mic emphasize the treble, but I bet it sounds better in person.