2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


It’s like watching the courtship dance of two misshapen birds of paradise.


It looks like a couple of steamin’ drunk uncles at a wedding :grinning:


Guess you guys have gone past this point already, but then you don’t have the long summer days.


It’s a shame the film ran out, moments later the spraying of musk and rutting began.


More footage


Woken up by rain and thunder. The weather has broken, breakfast calls


Arrived home at 8am after a much quieter night’s sleep in the car :grinning: Thanks to all for a great weekend.


Did anybody find 2 x HMV bags with albums in them ?
They were on the shelf with the games in the music room.
@stu @Ruprecht @murrayjohnson
If somebody does find them, can they grab them and we can arrange for them to be reunited.


What a great weekend, lovely to see you all.

Many highlights but watching John sat on the sofa trying to play every instrument while we listened to LA Woman at about 1 or 2 am was up there amongst them :smile:

Some extraordinary work in the kitchen and the bbq in fierce hot weather too - respect :fist:

Safe journey to those still travelling.


I have them at home :+1:

Also a tears for fears album @browellm maybe?


Can’t remember if I bought my copy and whether it was this one or someone else’s we were playing Saturday morning?


Great. Thanks Stu. I’m sure we can work something out :+1:


It’s in a protective outer plastic sleeve


I didn’t take any records, but I did leave Ali’s cake tins behind. If someone going to Ritchie’s was able to pick them up Id be grateful.


Thanks to everyone for their generosity, humor, expertise and efforts. I really enjoyed the full power Lopwell hamper.

Yours with a modicum of affection

Frampton Horsebender IV


Got back to the barn this am just after the first breakfast sitting but was still able to fry up a couple of eggs & yet barely make a dent in the piles of sausages, black pudding & bacon that were left. But lovely stuff.


Stopped off on way home. :smile:


Yep that’s mine by the sound of it.


Organisers, many thanks for putting together this weekend. Lovely weather, excellent food and great commeradary. Here are some snaps.


Mark did they have patterns on them??

If so I know where they were put I’d already locked up and halfway home before I saw your message, maybe @stu can pick them up, we have the keysafe code