2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


I totally forgot about them, Lopwell can have them if they want them,


Had a call from a Brown Owl last night.

I guess the headless sheep I nailed to the doors of their meeting hut did the trick.


Did you remind her about the guide promise?

Never steal -Esp kayak paddles


Just found this, maniacal laughter while another sacrifice is made to the fire


Unsurprisingly, it was Wayne threatening to sacrifice my Prog albums.


Bargain for next year


Brown owl is including her guttersnipes in the fencing racket now?.


Two prostitutes in with the sale for afters I see.


Only a bonus. Who could resist two floaters?


It’s a bit suspicious that they’re not in the pictures though …



There’s probably a good reason for that.


Just a small beer update.

The Tapes & Capes went down a storm. All consumed, mostly enjoyed.
The Safety BBQ, however, divided opinions. Some objecting to it’s “sharpness” or “harsh” flavours.
The few bottles that came home have been left to mature. This has resulted in them being completed undrinkable. They are blessed with an infection. The “sharpness” was the precursor to a full blown disease.*

This was a fermentation issue. I used a 2nd generation yeast strain (normally not an issue in itself) which has shown a lack of stability. This has now been disposed of.

So, apart from being very disappointed, I am also rather embarrassed. My apologies to all who drank it. It wasn’t my finest and I promise to do better next time.

*There is no health issues associated with these types of infections. They simply taste “off”.


I had a yeast infection once,pretty sure it wasn’t from beer though.


Never spoken about in polite society.


Indeed,that’s why i feel here is the best place to mention it.


It wasn’t the only thing at Lopwell with that characteristic IIRC.





The t&c session beer was exceptionally nice & easy to drink so your thrush issues are best forgotten.

Have we made any efforts yet to secure the barn for next year?


Not quite an infection but all the lovelier for it.


:+1: Vegeshite yeastbarf accuracy check.