2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


There’s a phrase you don’t hear every day :joy:



Special mentions too for the excellent ‘Tapes & Capes’ session beer brought by Oz, the lovely Enville ale brought by Wayne & the Hogsback Cider brought by Pete.


Any chance of nicking the recipe. It’s one thing having the raw ingredients but recreating the dish is impossible without @stu’s secret recipe.


Great weekend, most enjoyable and well worth the effort to attend.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to proceedings with fantastic food, drink and craic and a very big thank you to @murrayjohnson and Gill for their hospitality - it would be a tough gig to get to without their substanial help.

It’s a great format for a get together and long may it continue.

Currently on the bus from Aberdeen airport to the city centre. Hopefully I can find a pub with the footy on before board the ferry


Oh yeah there was this:

Andy taking to the bin two chairs that had just basically been squashed. They were only made of tubular steel.


Fire-based sweet spot chicanery.


Great picy :slight_smile:


I think it’s the moody lighting thats flattering



Did anyone take a large pan/ broth thingy with handles by mistake?



Only the one I brought with me…


Think you know what to do if they haven’t returned the paddle by Friday;


I wiped up stuff - if you have looked in the cupboards and it is not there - I think I did put something inside one of the big billy cans on top of the fridge -might be that


The chap who runs it couldn’t find it,i’m sure its still there as it’s not a thing you accidentally take.

Also it looks like someone left 2 fold up chairs



I was the pan thief. It’s identical to one we have at home & I thought I’d taken it there containing the marinaded chicken chunks. I’ll drop it back there this pm & blame the girl guides.


You’re up shit creek then …