3 Convictions & Sentences

How do we feel about these respective punishments?

I am disappoint about the man being heavy on wheelies. I like wheelies


people doing wheelies on the public road are arse holes. About 10 years ago my brother was hit by a wheelie cunt who lost control on a pushbike. My brother had his right leg broken in three places, needed two years rehab and three surgeries until it was vaguely right,

that motorcyclist should have got 5 years and a lifetime ban from driving/riding

that fixie cyclist should have got 10 years.

unless you jail people for drink driving, then whatever you do would have little impact on Rooney

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I think that people should be jailed for drink driving, or for doing over 40 in a 20/30 limit

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My gut reaction too. This article made me think again though

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crazy getting 18 months for killing a beautiful mum . hope the law is changed soon , mad relying on an old Victorian law for his miserable conviction . no wonder mr briggs is campaigning and I note charlies lawyer supported mr briggs campaign

Clearly spoken from the heart

I think that the cyclist guy should have been less of a cunt, then he might have been better off. He could have shown remorse, but instead he went on social media and was a total tosser, saying it was her fault. I’m sure this was an aggravating factor in his sentence.

It’s really interesting to me though how much hatred there is for cyclists, and how people think getting caught driving dangerously or while pissed is just a bit unlucky.

Same reason people get overly aggro about anything irrational. Because they’re unhappy. About the size of their cock. About why their wife or husband hates them. Because they’re scared.

But generally it’s about the size of their cock.


I think that applying opinion on sentencing without all the evidence of having heard the case is very dangerous. We all desire to rush to judgement but the legal system is there to fairly hear all the evidence and each case is different. The ‘lovely mum’ for example was looking at her phone as she crossed the road.

Lol, talk about contradicting yourself. There no evidence that she was - it was the cyclist who claimed she was, and turned out not to be true.

Guardian wets, jeebus! he was lucky not to have got more.

The real disappointment is that Parliament had an opportunity some time ago to introduce specific laws governing cyclists but decided not to. I hope her husband’s campaign shames them into some action.

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Huh? Whether or not he should have got more wasn’t really the point; it was the choice of what he was charged with and the precedence it set.

Why did they decide not to?

If there was a charge of dangerous cycling available the outcome would have been worse for him, that’s the main point IMHO. He put an illegal bike on the road, any charge likely to succeed was just a vehicle (sic) to get him some jail time.

Clearly the cyclist is an idiot for riding a fixed wheel bike with no front brake in a city (well anywhere actually). And he’s clearly a cold, arrogant idiot for not saying sorry.
That said, when car and lorry drivers kill pedestrians and cyclists (I’m sorry m’lud, I didn’t see her) it’s rare that they get a custodial (or any) sentence. Maybe a driving ban for a year or two if the judge is feeling grumpy.
The concept of ‘I’m not sure if I can overtake safely around this bend so I’ll slow down for ten seconds’ seems to be increasingly rare. Or leaving more than six feet to the car in front at 90mph on the motorway.
If you use the road you’re responsible for your own safety and the safety of others and if your lack of respect for them causes them to be injured or die then you have to be punished. Not get a fucking driving ban.


Maybe changing the law for cyclists would increase sentencing for drivers?

Accidents due to cyclists are a vanishingly small percentage of road accident cases

Accidental will always happen, it’s in the very nature of a chaotic road traffic system. When they are part or wholly caused by dangerous or without due care actions of the driver then a custodial sentence can be expected. If you drive an illegal vehicle on the road and someone is killed in an accidental you are involved in then to think you wouldn’t get a custodial sentence is a flight of fancy, or at least should be

Fixed-wheel bikes should be ridden only in the velodrome. Any found on the road should be crushed, along with the gonads of the rider.

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