3 way horns

3 way horn systen
Coral tweeter £500
Coral mid £500 le cleach horn no idea ,so need help on. Price
Tannoy grf copied nass units £400 fee Marks from scalforf

Crossover Had fair bit of money spent on them £400.
Eminence 15 £80p
The £1800 as usual pulled

Will take £1500 for the lot break then nexr week


I managed go fto it it all I an astra estate

Prices are firm im afraid as I’m going to need every penny

I can’t believe these are going. :frowning:

They migtvbe nteresting in the astta


OK ok, they get another 6 month reprieve

If it by luck


So Stu, what the fuck have you done with Chumpy? :rofl:

Or is it a new phone?



Have you got a recent pic to show a friend?

No only vids from distance

Ts a bit dark here for pics here at present jack

Hornrs and tweeters are the same, but cabs got a few marks/ knocks from scalford

Are these what we are talking about?
“And then on to some bigger rooms …. Stu had his horn hybrid speakers on display. Impressive to look at, impressive to hear. Very nice, I’d heard these before but not sounding this good. Despite the large bass cabinet size, they do lack a little low frequency weight – this issue neatly solved by Stu’s use of a small subwoofer! Spot on, Stu – very nice indeed!”


Speakers have gone



Wow. Feels like the end of an era. :cry:

Glad you got a sale
Sorry to hear that they had to be sold.
I loved hearing these at Scalford

Needs must mate. I’m sure you’ll rebuild even better in better times.

Sorry to see these go :cry:

No probs
I sold them back to myself

If was tough negotiations, but we got there?