3rd annual Sou'wester 14_16 June 2019 it's BACK ON AT LOPWELL

My name is not down - I am coming in


Ritchie’s not looking too well :woozy_face:


He’s fine. It’s just the latest evolution of the coffee ritual.


He’s sat in his own coffee, using the slow release sphincter brew method.


You guys! FVwg


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I have a request that Guy brings a different CD player. This one should not have Taste chip :rage:

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is that @MGOwner

Nah. Too thin and too much hair :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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on me way


This has just dropped in my in box

"It is with regret that I need to inform you that we are no longer able to honour our booking with you for Lopwell Barn on 14th to 16th June 2019

We have been fortunate to have had use of the Barn for the last 7 years but the owners of Lopwell Barn have made contact with us, telling us that they are invoking a clause in our lease agreement with them. They have asked to take vacant possession of the barn from March 2019. In order to enable us to have sufficient time to vacate the barn we have made the sad decision to cancel bookings from January 2019 onwards. This was very unexpected and came as a complete surprise to the Organisation."

The Devon war committee will be on recon for another spot

To be continued…



That’s a shame not just for us but for the other groups who’ve benefitted from that amenity.


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Just up the road


Other options


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Thats a shame.

I think it’d also be possible to hire a complete YHA place such as Bracken Tor at Okehampton and still only be £25-30 a night. Will look into it today.

The Dewerstone Cottage in your Powder Mills link is another possible. Sleeps up to 35.