3rd annual Sou'wester 14_16 June 2019 it's BACK ON AT LOPWELL


Ability to burn stuff is the criteria.





Bloody Brexit!


To start with I thought that looked perfect. There’s loads of old dry stuff which should burn really well. Punch a hole in the roof of the ‘double-height octagonal kitchen’ to let the smoke out and Bob’s yer uncle.

But at 2:00 you can clearly see a shot of a Bush DAC90A wireless. They have asbestos in. I’m allergic to asbestos.






That looks nice, how much?






We had our wedding reception there! Took it over for the whole weekend, was amazing.


That’s a shame. It is a lovely spot and the Trust was doing a very good job there.

Some other possibilities from the Independent Hostels Guide (some of these are on working farms so noise may be a problem)




Haha, that gif.


Is dewerstone cottage just before you go over the bride ? On the Bickleigh side ?


Need to find something closer to my house this time if possible :+1:


Is this some sort of quaint Devon/Cornwall custom ?



Sorry bridge .


Can we go somewhere with a river like Lopwell?

Beautiful Things

All I have had a call from the guy that used to run Lowell. The charity has just changed and they will honour our previous booking.

There is one snag we will need to pay in full by the end of next week. If this is an issue let me know.

We may lose the deposit on the other place guy will find out if so we can all add £2 to the original £25 so guy can be reimbursed.


If you take Lopwell, won’t numbers need to be reduced?