3rd annual Sou'wester 14_16 June 2019 it's BACK ON AT LOPWELL


Well I’ve just sent £27. Feel free to add the £2 to the scone fund.


Same here


Keep mine too (I’ll write it off against tax).




I’ll write it off against bacon.


I didn’t get a PM with the payment details. :thinking: Should I mention this?:thinking:


I didn’t put you on the list as you were not sure. If you’re well and can come let me know and I’ll send


It is traditional for me to cough up and then do a last minute bale :unamused:. Send on the details please and I’ll either pay up or pad out the bacon kitty. :bacon: :bacon::bacon:


I know hence my reticence…

Details sent


'Bout time you fucking showed up - haven’t set eyes on you since Scalford 2015!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If he’s not careful we’ll organise a collective trip over there. Bleary blokes kipping overnight in their cars will do nothing for the neighbourhood.



Bit lost now. I was on the list. Then it changed. Back in a list. Not on a bed list.

Do I need to pay? Help. I’m simple.


At the mo you are on a bring your own sleeping bag/camping mat or subs list.That’s your choice, let me know your choice if the former I’ll send you payment details…

"I’m simple, " that’s no crime here…


Put me on the floor list please and add me to the list for a bed if anyone drops out.
So the subs bench for a bed, but not the subs bench - subs bench.
I’ll pay extra for a pool view.


I can guarantee a pool of piss view, you’ll get extra if you Sherlock who dun it


We just need a hi fi now



Just sent £27 add the £2 to the meat fund :grin:


If we’re short of space then isn’t there a CDP in Jim’s car ? He could pull up alongside the place’s front window and wind his own window down and we’d be able to hear the tunes well enough. Run the engine for 5 minutes every hour to keep the battery up, job’s a good 'un.



Is it a veteran? :thinking: