3rd annual Sou'wester 14_16 June 2019 it's BACK ON AT LOPWELL


Ok sorted
The definitely are in


You three have the option of going on sleeping bag/camping mat route
Or sitting out the subs in the order above
Let me know


Don’t worry Andy let us know nearer the time,


You’re on the bed list,


Right, I have a booking for Lopwell at the local pub. I’ll cough up for Lopwell shortly but will only be there for eating/drinking tea/bullshitting/listening to music. I should not be included on any list for sleeping.


There isn’t any sleeping so you’ll be fine.


This is not an option for me any longer. I need my sleep or I get very grumpy.


Haven’t been to sleep since 2015 then?



Paul, I think @Jim has hacked your account and is trying to make with the funniez…:unamused:


Does this mean all the en-suites are taken?

Happy with a sleeping bag.


Fear not we are all in this together




Hmm, I can’t get the annual leave for this, but I’m allowed another 9 days sick leave in the next 6 months, and it was great last year… Subs bench please


Stick the other hand through the letterbox nearer the time


I am in but will be designated driver for Guy so not sleeping at Lopwell.


I also have no idea if I have paid anything or not, what do I owe and who do I pay?




Happy with Sleeping Bag/Thermarest on a dry floor! :smiley:


On a dry floor…cannot be guaranteed


I am getting a refund on the deposit paid for PowderMills which is generous on the part of Martin there. :+1:


Very kind of him. Probably a lucky escape for him too

Ok I’ve just sent out the payment details

It’s just £25 for the weekend for everyone not £27