3rd Pembrokeshire Bake off, end of November

Nicky and I are pleased ro announce the 3rd Pembrokeshire Bake Off, to be held near the end of November(date which suits the majority). No particular reason apart from eat drink and be mary. Also advertised on another site which must not be mentioned. As usual overnight stays are welcomed and food and drink freely available.

There is a be Mary gag in there somewhere :slight_smile:

appropriate for you, as you’re quite fecking contrary :grin:


Mary Poppins fancy dress theme? Sexeh

You could play Matt’s creepy plinky-plonky song … (yes, yes different film but still, Julie Andrews eh ?).


I suspect that there are quite a few Uncle Albert’s here that could do with a full time Nanny. Then again it could bring up images of Mary Berry!

Anyway, enough rum sodemy and the lash. Normal sort of gathering, food, cake, whisky and it might even feature some tunes.