3rd South West Weekender 14th-16th June Dartmoor




Where was the Limoncello last year ?


I can probably arrange to have a large batch made for the occasion. This is very special stuff.
Homemade with Italian lemons, 95% alcohol, and cream. Kept in the freezer, and allowed to warm up just enough to flow. It doesn’t really freeze, because of the high alcohol content.


OK I guess.


You are welcome to leave it. More for me.
I love it!




Both ways.


I’m feeling a limoncello bake-off coming on, or perhaps face-off (as in ‘off your face’). The competition being the stuff that ToC’s dentist supplies him with. I don’t think she’s ever admitted what goes into it, the General Dental Council being pernickety about malpractice in general and drug/solvent misuse in particular …