401 plinth - free to collector

Free to collector - a really solid, well made, heavy beech ply plinth for a 401. Fitted with a Rega mount armboard and 3 feet.

This was the plinth that came with Tim @Spider’s 401. I’ve since moved on the motor unit and the plinth is far too good to bin.


Very generous Mike.

Where are you Mike?

In the living room.



Luton, mate.

I could pick it up on the Sunday after @Jim s bake off, unless you’re going to it?

I’m not yet; I’m a sub, but no worries, it’s yours Rob

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Cheers mate. See you then.

If not, I’m sure there’s plenty from down this way going that could get it to you :+1:

It’s fine mate, if I don’t see you at Jim’s you’re pretty much on the way home. I’m darn sarf that week anyway so it works really well.

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