4K Blu-ray player

Debating getting a 4K player to replace my current Blu-ray. LG ukb90 at £200 looks a good deal with a few smart things built in. Anyone on here got a similar player they can comment on

The only bluray player we have at the moment is in Sam’s Xbox, we too are in the market.

Which Xbox? And is it any good? I’ve been considering a new series x to do 4K, audio cd and streaming. It’s a bit pricey for that but it’ll keep going for longer than dedicated boxes before they drop support/updates

I may be selling my Oppo BDP-105 soon, bought it recently to try SACD over HDMI but can’t be arsed.

PM if interested but it’s more than £200

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If you want the ultimate game pass as well, get it on their monthly thing that includes the Xbox console. It actually saves you a bit of money, as well as not having to stump up £450 now.

Sounds worth a look. Ta

I have the LG ukb80. It is very slow to respond to button presses. The tray is flimsy and nothing about it inspires confidence. For the money (£120) I can put up with it, but it’s pretty crap in all honesty. I didn’t want to spend anymore and I think it was the only one at that price that did Dolby vision / HDR.

It has always worked though and does the job tbh. I play a disc a week on average so spending more was pointless.

I’ll prob take the 90 off the list

The 80 might be adequate for you.

I’ve just looked at Richers and the problem I encountered still persists. It looks like the selection is limited and there is a big price jump up to more like £300. I am not sure the £300 ones are terrifically well built either. The £850 Pannie looks better but was far more than I was willing / needed to spend.

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The Sony 800 and equiv panny for 300 ish looked ok

We will have a few 4K, a few blu ray, loads of old dvd. Plus it would be good to use the same box to stream and even play cd

The new tv is oled with hdr and Dolby vision etc so really warrants a decent player. But not £700 decent with so few discs

I think I need to go and look

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Is just the 1S, it looks good to me, but I’m no expert on these things anymore.

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