5687 /6072 recommendations

Currently have some GEs and Raytheons.

What’s your choice of 5687 and 6072


Will be following with interest as I’ve just got an ANK 4.1 DAC which uses 5687’s

There was a thread on tubes asylum where PQ says he thinks the original TungSol 5687’s sound the best but are very rare.

It’s currently fitted with Raytheons but I have nothing to compare them against.

This guy tends to have very good notes, on different valves. Might be of some use.
Look at the bottom of the page, for his choices.

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I have taken out the old GE 5687s and put in the Raytheon 5687 WA.

Sounds cleaner and more dynamic to me.

How often should you replace these?

Have just checked and the DAC is actually fitted with TungSols and the Raytheons are in the box.

@Ijrussell may be able to give some advice as it was his DAC.

Somewhat shockingly, I didn’t actual check what was in or swap them over.

Reading the tube store it seems Tungsols are badged as Raytheons etc just to confuse things further

This sort of thing happened quite a lot. I’m not sure it was done to confuse things (only joking :slight_smile:) it was just that back then no-one thought it really made any difference. Valve manufacturers competed on reliability and lifetime and cost and, if they were selling to the military, on the tightness of their technical specs. But not on sound (except, perhaps, on hum and noise).


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My M7 had a single Raytheon 5687 but it was a bit microphonic. Changed to a NOS Tungsol and can’t say it made much, if any difference.

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Did you ever try running an E182CC in it?

No. But I expect I’ll get around to it at some point. I haven’t got one, but it seems they can be fairly easily obtained.

The Mullard (UK) ones are nice.


I have some Brimar ones, but I think they are supposed to be a bit average.

If you just fancy a change of ‘flavour’ maybe try a British or Holland made equivalent - Mullard, Amperex etc.

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I gave a few to Phil a while back, think he ended up preferring the straight 5687.

What’s the noirmal life of a 5687?

Think the old pair were on the way out.

Be interesting to see if the curves are any different. Certainly in one of Kondo’s particular implementations they might not be optimal.


They’re definitely a bit different.

I’ll give one a try, can’t hurt.