7 inch singles

Helping out at the local charity shop on Saturday we found about 15 singles, 7 inch. Quite a few were U2 so I left them there but wondered if anyone collected these. If anyone is interested I will get them and post the details.

Prefer a job lot. I’ll pay the charity and postage and “you” put the same in the slush fund.



Skeet shooting (again :+1::grin:)

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Another Day would be worth a few quid

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I’ll pick them up and put them on here. Trouble is the postage…

I meant sell it for the charity, it would be worth about £30.00
I presume they have an ebay account?

I have no interest in buying any of them

Early U2 are worth a bit, especially in yellow or orange vinyl.

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BTW it’s the

I’ll get them tomorrow. One is a limited edition double in plastic pouch with an interview with Bono. I think it was then I put them back.

I’d pay at least £75 not to listen to that

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Change of plan. I checked the price of a few on Discogs and soon lost the will to live. So if any collectors want these just bung a small one into the survival kitty here and my postage.

There turned out to be 50. I know most are crap but they’ll go in the bin if no interest. The media looks good but the covers are a bit rough. I would prefer they went as a job lot or majoity at least as I can’t be arse with the postage / packing problem.

Artist A Side B Side Cat #
Black Lace I am the music man We dance we dance LACE 10
Chris Rea The road to hell He should know better YZ431
Gun inside out back to where we started AM 531
Gun Taking on the world don’t believe a word AM 541
Hothouse Flowers Don’t go Saved LON 174
Hothouse Flowers Easier in the morning Carrickfergus LON 186
Hothouse Flowers I’m sorry Mountains LON 187
Hothouse Flowers give it up if your happy LON 258
Hothouse Flowers I can see clearly now Kansas city LON 269
Hothouse Flowers Movies Sweet Marie LON 276
Howard Jones New song Change the man How 1
Howard Jones What is love It just doesn’t matter How 2
Howard Jones Like to get you know me well Bounce back right How 5
Howard Jones Life in one day Boom bap respite In poster HOW 8 W
Inspired Carpets dragging me down I know I’m leaving you Dung 16
Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart People get ready The train kept a-rolling 657756 7
Nik Kershaw The riddle Progress Nik 6
Nik Kershaw Wide Boy So quiet ltd ed 12 page booklet NIK 7
Steve Winwood Higher love And I go missing centre IS 288
Stone Roses Fools gold What the world is waiting for ORE 13
Stone Roses I wanna be adored Where angels play ORE 31
Talking Heads Road to nowhere Telrvision mam EMI 5530
Texas Everyday now Waiting for the fall Tex 3
The Boo Radleys Sunfly empty ? CREFRE 010
The Police Don’t stand so close to me '86 Don’t stand so close to me Live AM 354
the The Slow train to dawn Harbour lights TENSE 1
the The Sweet bird of truth sleeping juice TENSE 2
the The Infected disturbed TENSE 3
the The Heartland born in the new s.a TRUTH 2
The Waterboys The whole of the moon A golden age ENY 642
The Waterboys Fishermans Blues Lost highway ENY 645
U2 Exit / In God’s Country Womanfish / I trip through your wires Cover bad 28912
U2 Where the streets have no name Silver and gold missing centre 109382
U2 I still haven’t found what I’m looking for Spanish Eyes / Deep in the heart missing centre 1A 109152
U2 Fire J. Swallo 66791 A5
U2 A rare interview with Bono 4 disks Picture, in plastic BAKPAK 1001
U2 With or without you Walk to the water IS 319
U2 The unforgetable fire A sort of homecoming IS220
U2 Pride 4th of July ISD 202
U2 All I want is you Unchanged melody KRW-A-7
U2 In gods country Bullet the blue sky missing centre ST-IL 51313 SP
U2 Desire Hellelujah here she comes missing centre ST-IL 56001
U2 New years day Treasure W12 68481
U2 with BB King When love comes to town Dancing Barefoot IS 411
Ultravox Hymn Monument CHS 265 7
Ultravox Vienna The Voice OG 9675
Ultravox Love’s great adventure White china UV 3
Ultravox Wcame to dance Overlook Vox-1
World Party Thank you my world Thank you my world Remix ENY 643

The techie likes 7 inch stuff. I had a bit of fun playing a load the other day. Some of that I’d be up for (most under the hothouse flowers lot).
If you pm me the details I can pay what’s owed as a job lot. I don’t even mind one or two of those earlier U2 ones.
The unwanted lot (mainly first ten?) I will give away or offer out to anyone.


Black Lace I am the music man We dance we dance LACE 10

I will pay £2.50 (to the kitty) for this to be taken out of circulation and a further £2.50 (To a charity of your choosing) for a short film of it on fire. Genuine offer, PayPal ready.


I’ll take the two stone roses please.

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Black Lace has been killed.

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Cheers Steve,

@omsoc made a solid ask for Stone Roses. Black Lace is history.

The rest are yours, but please be selective for postage reasons.

I paid £3.00 for the lot so no problem on payment, just donation to the cause and my postage. I’ll bung in for our local charity to compensate for tor the hassle being saved and put the rejects back into the shop.

If you sell for a massive profit, drop a bit more in :wink:


Won’t someone think of the school discos…

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I know a pub dj who will take the rest - but he is a tight cunt who won’t even buy me a bear, let alone donate, so on here first.

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I did say I’d take the lot…
that was a solid ask?