7 inch singles

Helping out at the local charity shop on Saturday we found about 15 singles, 7 inch. Quite a few were U2 so I left them there but wondered if anyone collected these. If anyone is interested I will get them and post the details.

Prefer a job lot. I’ll pay the charity and postage and “you” put the same in the slush fund.



Skeet shooting (again :+1::grin:)

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Another Day would be worth a few quid

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I’ll pick them up and put them on here. Trouble is the postage…

I meant sell it for the charity, it would be worth about £30.00
I presume they have an ebay account?

I have no interest in buying any of them

Early U2 are worth a bit, especially in yellow or orange vinyl.

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BTW it’s the

I’ll get them tomorrow. One is a limited edition double in plastic pouch with an interview with Bono. I think it was then I put them back.

I’d pay at least £75 not to listen to that

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