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Another past technological peak (perhaps comparable to the SR71)



This made me smile

Not only is there no agreement on which stylus sounded best, the distribution of choices is random. Even the two engineers who took the test twice didn’t choose the same stylus size both times!

As a developing format 78’s were not standardized in equalization (Pre RIAA 1954). Before then, especially from 1940, each record company applied its own equalization; there were over 100 combinations of turnover and roll-off frequencies in use. Groove width and Speed were also variable.

The job that started with a brain shuddering 10K cleaning task is indeed a mountain. Wear is also a factor. 2.7mil for mid to late production 78’s in unplayed condition might be the transcription compromise but 3mil for disks with some wear may be more appropriate.

78 collectors tend to be the ‘archivist’ type. I’m glad there are such people about, but it is a Rabbit hole.