A bit whiffy

I wonder what else will be renamed in our wonderful post-Brexit Britain?

Has anyone tried “Cornish sole?”

Maybe Coley?

When I was a kid the only reason you ever bought Coley was to give it to the cat.

LOL, Freedom Fish


Cornish sole, sort of a mash up of flattery, James brown and northern soul

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Megrim is tasty - often served by mid range restaurants who want to use the world “sole” on their menu, but cannot afford Lemon Sole or Dover Sole.

Bit like the scraggy N. American lobsters, Aldi and the like sell for a fiver at xmas. Yes they are Lobsters, but they aint lobsters from our waters!!!

Fish pie with coley was a staple in one of my student houses. Can’t remember whose dish it was (rota cooking)

I was listening to the online Derbyshire Archaeology day recently. A dig in Derby suggested that sticklebacks were being eaten in the middle ages - ah, them were the days!

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