A few records for sale +4

Having a thinning out, so thought I’d put these up here first, as some are hard to get hold of.

They are all at least Ex+

Will all be priced to sell, so let me know if any are of interest.

K and d and the Mercury Rev.

But prices are key!

Tomorrow Syndicate please Mike

Yes Fred

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Sorry Brian

Spiritual jazz please

The Mercury Rev is the Orange and Yellow vinyl version. There are none available on Discogs and the last one sold for £50, so, £30 ?

The K & D - cheapest on Discogs is £55, so, £30 ?

£25 delivered OK Gareth ?

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£25 delivered OK John ?

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Nice. PM me your address please Gareth.

To help clarify, the Orange MUTE LP is the 1000 copy limited edition of A Certain Ratio - The Graveyard and the Ballroom on Orange Vinyl. None of these have ever been sold on Discogs, so not sure what they’re worth.

Doves, The Last Broadcast and Lost Souls please if not gone already.

Seems to be under valued to me, but I know fuck all really.

Thanks Rob, that didn’t come up using the scan App.

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The cheapest lost souls on Discogs is £50, so how about £30 ? and the cheapest last broadcast is £35, so £20 ?

Sound fair ?

Sounds very fair as I have realised there not the standard repress copies but the grey and orange ones.

PM me payment details I will get payment off tonight or first things. I can do BT or Paypal, up to you.

They are indeed, and lost souls is No. 0007

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The following are now SOLD

Tomorrow Syndicate
K&D Sessions
Both Doves

A few more