A Religion or a Disease? - Audiophiles, The BBC's View in 1959



Oh lunch time viewing, cheers!

I like the way early audiophiles chucked their old gear away (fuck it, this stuff is shite, be gone!) instead of lying through their teeth about it’s capabilities (wonderful bit of equipment,quite the best I have heard) and only wanting back what they paid for it.


Bit different to this :slight_smile:

Indeed if only places did real reviews “this amp was utter shite,and I wouldn’t give it room as a door stop”


While we’re rounding the 1950’s up



I wonder, considering inflation, what the cost of a Real Review would have been in 1959. :grinning:


Found this on the net

The cost of living in 1959

In 1959:

*A Hoover steam dry iron cost £4 12s 1d.

*Spring interior mattresses which were guaranteed for five years cost 50s.

*You could buy a cottage suite, said to be ideal for the smaller room, for £17 10s.

*Farley’s Rusks for babies cost 9d or 1s 5d a box at Boots the Chemist.

*Cleaner cooking was offered with a Belling cooker in which the oven lining came out in one piece. It cost £36 6s.

*A new Standard 10 car cost £624 9s 2d.

*A real review cost 5oz of Gallaher’s Rich Dark Honeydew Flake

*A Portarack car roof rack cost from £2 17s 6d to £14 17s 6d.


£11, 5s, 11d (£11.71).

The Westrex Acoustilens speaker cost £169 in 1959 It was the most expensive domestic British speaker entered into in the 1959 hifi year book


Try again

My wages as an apprentice for a 48 hr week was £2 - 15s - 0d. in 1959

£60 per week in today’s money

…and muffins?

more like £11.29 or maybe £11.30?

I used the BoE reverse inflation calculator to get the £11.71, but forgot the old money had 240d to the pound so screwed up the conversion to pre decimal. Doh!

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