A species on the brink

Hard to imagine that something as magnificent as this beast could soon be a thing of the past :cry:

Hunted to the verge of extinction :rage:


Gun-fetishising septic fuckwits… :rage:

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What annoys me is that as a species we seem to have a serious inability to live alongside another species, if it causes us even the slightest of inconvenience.

Solution: eradicate

How the fuck can we justify any right to do that? Boils my fucking piss!

I’m rambling incoherently now because I’m so annoyed :rage: :rage: :rage:


What a beautiful animal.

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Seems pretty coherent to me. Humanity is mostly a deadly virus-with-shoes…


As a species we are no better than locusts, consume and drain every resource to the point it reduces our own ability to survive. Probably worse as we supposedly have self awareness yet we continue to destroy everything that sustains us and makes the world a more beautiful place to live. Anything that slightly competes we kill and destroy. Makes me angry and sad at the same time.

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Locusts are as bad a derogative as viruses - ‘plagues’ of locusts only happen because of the human practice of agriculture, especially monoculture, which unbalances the ecosystem; and locusts still only want to eat.

Humans kill for the sheer joy of causing death…

Still not seen a compelling counter to that point in The Matrix about humans being a disease.


The other film reference is Independence Day. The President described the aliens as like locusts, travelling from planet to planet using up all the resources as they go. We’re just the same, but without the space travel.


I’ve often thought that there lies the line around which our viability as a species is measured. There are two camps - those with a capacity for genuine objective self-reflection, and those without. Generally speaking, I would imagine that the latter are those who, being essentially led by egoic reflex, just kill shit for the sake of it, blunder mindlessly onwards, considering nothing but what makes them feel better, regardless of the consequences. At the other end, you have the evolving frontline of the species - people who can recognise that their own self-improvement and that of the world around them, might entail some degree of outward and inward sacrifice in the name of growth. Sadly, given the state of the planet and its inhabitants, I fear that the lesser of these two camps form the majority. Lip-service to self-awareness only.


I’ve long said that it’s not “The Meek who shall inherit the Earth”, it’s the Stupid: they breed faster.


Fucking love wolves, I do. Quite rare to actually see them, but their howling is one of the sounds I associate with Northern Canada.I’ll have “conversations” with them (giving a return howl when I hear them), sometimes they ignore me but once in a while a whole pack will get in the spirit and return my call. Sounds super nerdy, but it really is something I find thrilling :slightly_smiling_face: