AA Big Bang theory

Ten more years of this? :confounded:

Tens years since it started, when was that?

I don’t remember. '15? @TMC?

Not long to go then!

Then we move on to mega watts and coffins, round and round we go.

You joined on Oct 23rd 2016

Apparantly so did I, and a lot of others!
Probably the day of the great nuking!

Yes, so not the actual beginning. :rofl:

The second coming.

It was never that good


The night of the long knives on the other place was 2015 IIRC. This fetid corner of the www emerged from the swamp soon after.


Think this place started in Nov 2015

Yeah, the actual start date is rather lost in a sea of ones and noughts, like tears in the rain.


Or petrol in the flame


Or the “-rf“ in “rm -rf”

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That’s Greek to me mate


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That needs a trigger warning


ITYM “geek”. :grinning:

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That too!

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Most distros have “–preserve-root” as an alias to rm so you’d need to disable that first x

No one said that nuking the forum was easy!

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