AA courier service

Very long shot here.
Any one from Somerset area, travel north/east, to Cambridge area?
Bulky, but not heavy cargo- acoustic panels.
PM for details.

Can they be gotten anywhere near Salisbury this weekend?

If anyone could get them near to Worcester I could bring them up to the Sodbury’s get together.

Paul (Sodders) and Sam are having a bake next Saturday (25th) - someone could be coming up from that area. Might be worth having a word with him Gregg.


Many thanks for the offers.
Unfortunately, I have found out, that the owner cannot transport, at all.
They have to be collected from his parents house, in Somerset.
I think that has killed any possible chances.
I think it is just too impractical to continue with this.
Thanks again.

Where in Somerset?

Waiting to hear from him.

My outlaws are driving up from Burnham on sea tomorrow. If it can be picked up from there then I could ask them, but I can’t really ask them to go out of their way, they don’t like change much!