AA football predictor


If anyone fancies joining this click here http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/predictor

Then go to my league and and enter pin mgps02

It’s 10 points for the right score,40 pts for the correct score.

When you do your predictions each week,remember to click save at the bottom of page.

I’ll try to put a reminder up each Friday.




I predict I’m not interested in wendy ball.


I’m in stu


I’m giving it a try


Ah fuck, I misunderstand and called myself mgps02. :pensive:


I’ve joined so you might as well all give up now.:roll_eyes:



Billy bump,season starts 3 weeks today.


Still time to join.
First weeks games are up,you can go back and change predictions as much as you want before kick off.


Just joined.


I’ve stuck my first set in…


Start of the season is never easy to predict


Just done my first week predictions - looks a pretty easy set of fixtures to predict to me.


First set of predictions submitted :worried:


Mine are in. :clown_face:


Dog Beater is in


All done here. :skull_and_crossbones:


Still time to join for tonight’s start of the prem


Think I have frightened off all the Manc scum - all talk and no trousers that lot.:imp: