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I’d have went for a home win but I definitely thought Spurs would’ve scored to be honest.

Bumper bonus game week Round 34 saw some big numbers, both on and off the pitch

The crown goes to @htm_1968 with 15.5 points from @pan and @sjs on 14.5 points. The wooden spoon is collected by @Ijrussell on 8.5 points from @stu with 9 points.

Overall the only change is @htm_1968 moving up into 2nd above @murrayjohnson

Round 35 starts tomorrow at 12.30pm where two bang out of form teams meet at the London Stadium, as the first of 11 games, running through to Thursday 2nd May when Tottenham play Chelsea.


Round 35 finally completed and @murrayjohnson takes the crown with 12 points from @htm_1968 and @unclepuncle on 9.5 points. The wooden spoon is collected by @Ijrussell with 5 points from @sjs on 7 points.

Overall @sjs lead is slashed to 6.5 points from @murrayjohnson, with @htm_1968 2 points behind in 3rd.

Round 36 starts tonight at 8pm when Luton host Everton… better be quick :grin:


The crown for Round 36 is taken by @Pan with 13.5 points, from @htm_1968 , @Ijrussell and @sjs all on 9.5 points. The wooden spoon is going to @unclepuncle with 7.5 points, from @murrayjohnson , @malbec and @stu on 8 points

Overall, @pan leaps above @unclepuncle by 1 point. @sjs moves to 8 points ahead of @murrayjohnson in 2nd, who is 0.5 points in front of @htm_1968 in 3rd.

Round 37 gets underway on Saturday at 12.30pm when Fulham host Man City, still all to play for at both ends of the table with only 2 rounds remaining


2 slam points?! Heroic performance.


Oh dear.:tired_face:

The bumper 13 match Round 37 was won by @Pan with 18.5 points from @sjs with 17.5 points. The wooden spoon went to @Ijrussell on 11 points from @malbec with 12.5 points.

Overall, there have been no changes in position, @sjs now 11.5 points ahead of @murrayjohnson, who is 1.5 points clear of @htm_1968. @unclepuncle is now 3.5 points behind @pan, who is 1.5 points behind @malbec

The final Round 38 matches all take place at 4pm on Sunday 19th


Had a decent week but congratulations to @Pan who rose to the occasion and kept me in my place.

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I’ve had a dreadful season - Much worse than last year. Time for some robust data analysis to see if there is a systemic problem with my predictions.

:joy: The only predictions I could remember were the incorrect ones. Couldn’t believe it when I saw I had the most points!


Is there an easy way to see how you would have done just by putting every result as a 2-1 home win?

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I thought that was what I was doing? :man_shrugging:

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