A Place to sell any old Toot and raise funds for the Site.

  • Sales are open to regular known posters only (No lurkers)

  • First come first served - Post in thread to secure the item - PM postal address

  • Send Payment direct to: PayPal.Me

*To keep this place ad free and fully self supporting why not bung some of your toot up here (Anything goes, goods or services) and feel all warm and fuzzy for doing something decent.

  1. Onzow Zero Dust, used a few times but still in nice shape - You can clean it if you want to. £10

  2. Zero Stat gun, Slowly squeeze trigger on a 5 sec count - Hold and release to a 5 sec count - SOLD

  3. Mofi cart alignment disk - Handy if you don’t have a better protractor - It gives reasonable results and is easy to use. SOLD

Stat gun please.

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Cart aligner please

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It’s yours, Please PM your address and make payment to the Pay Pal address above

It’s yours, Please PM your address and make payment to the Pay Pal address above

I’ll have the Onzow Zero Dust please.

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Everything sold in 20 mins

It’s yours, Please PM your address and make payment to the Pay Pal address above

Can anyone make use of a M-Audio Audiophile 192 PCI soundcard? It’s PCI, so may well not be supported by the latest motherboards. But I’m never going to use it.

Price sil vous plait

Oh five or ten quid?

All Paid for items Shipped

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The Bazarr needs feeding - Toot or services required

I have a copy of Audio ! Audio ! by Jonathan Hill if anyone interested. Can post out.

Plus a box or two of hifi mags. HFN, HFW etc. These would need picking up from Northampton.

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Audio Technica AT637 Ultrasonic Stylus Cleaner.

These are rare and desirable (I’m led to believe) The come up very infrequently on fleabay and seem to go for loads of dosh :thinking:. There’s one on there now for 100 euros!

This one is a bit dirty and missing the little cover thing, but is in perfect working order. Given the idea of the thread is to maximise revenue in order to cover forum costs :grin: It will be sold to whoever offers the most. Please PM me if you want it.


In true me style I seem to have ended up with 2 copies of the rather fine Gabe Knox LP on numbered yellow vinyl.

As far as I’m aware, you can’t get this now.

So one copy up for £15 delivered.



Pair of Sennheiser HD280pro headphones. I only used these a few times. These are brilliant for blocking out external sounds and sound pretty good too. Not the most comfortable as clamp tightly, unless I have a big head :smiley:

Say £20

Yes, please.
Are you going to Edd’s?
If not, could you get them to Nick?l
I will PM Nick now.
How do you want paying?

Hi Gregg,

Don’t pay me, idea is to put funds in to running the site.

I could get to Nick this evening if possible.

Also have a load of hifi mags trying to give away if Nick can take, anyone wants ?

Nice work gentlemen. Payment details at top of thread