Gone at 62. Tough to take this one, one of (if not the) best and funniest writers in journalism.

Would have gone down well on here methinks.


There was an interesting selection of quotes on the Guardian site: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/dec/10/aa-gills-best-quotes-sunday-times?CMP=twt_a-media_b-gdnmedia

I particularly liked the Brexit one.

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This is particularly sad. Journalism today, in general, lacks the incision and humour that was the mainstay of A A Gill.
I am deeply saddened.

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Christ, what a year.

Eugh. I really enjoyed his writing. What a year indeed…

I liked this:

On Morrissey’s autobiography:

What is surprising is that any publisher would want to publish the book, not because it is any worse than a lot of other pop memoirs, but because Morrissey is plainly the most ornery, cantankerous, entitled, whingeing, self-martyred human being who ever drew breath. And those are just his good qualities.

I liked his stuff, when I could be bothered to go out and buy the Sunday Times. Certainly knocked his fellow columnist, Clarkson, into a cocked hat.


Yep genius, hadn’t read the Rolf Harris one, so clever in so many ways

Who is (was) his best mate.

Well there you go. And Gill had severe dyslexia so couldn’t actually write.

Very sad news.

Big surprise. Great writer and a really nice guy.

Brilliant final article in the Sunday Times magazine today.

Amusing writer, bit of a twat when it came to baboons.

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