AA Meat Wagon request - London to as close to Worcs as possible

I’d like to buy a R2R off a chap based in London (W11). Anybody able to a. Pick it up for me, and b. Get it closer to Worcester?

Pwetty please! :pray:


How heavy is said item likely to be? Hand - carryable?

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Yes it’s carryable. Appprox 25kg

I would owe you big time if you could pick up/ get anywhere near me - upto Malvern would be out if this world.

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I’d love to help, but unless you’ve missed a decimal point I think we may be talking at cross purposes.

I was referring to hand carry on train, tube, tube, train, rather than carry as far as the boot of a car.

25kg is a bit of a non-starter on foot and public transport for me.

Fuck, you’re right.

Thanks for the offer anyway Guy :+1:

Man up Guy.


Anyone able to help me with the first bit and pick it up from the seller?

Unfortunately it’s over an hour away from me

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