AA Taxi - London Bridge to Northampton

No longer required.

How heavy/portable is it Paul?

I ask because when I’ll be near London Bridge, I’ll be on the Tube.

If it’s easily portable, I could fetch it up to Nick’s bake.

If it’s too heavy to carry on the Tube, we’ll need to think of a way of getting it to Ilford.

It’s a fairly weighty lump with sharp edges Jim so not really suitable for carrying more than 10 yards or so.

Do you think the vendor could be persuaded to deliver it to Ilford? Or even half way, say Stratford?

if anyone can get it to Herts, I am happy to provide a staging post for it.

The vendor does not drive and so it is collection only - he is very adamant.

I am waiting for a bit more info from him about his exact location and the parking situation - might end up driving there very early on Sat/Sun - but the thought of going anywhere near central London fills me with dread, espeically in my old banger.

It seems a shame you having to drive all the way down when I’ll be coming to Nick’s in just over a week :thinking:

At least at the weekend there’ll be no congestion charge…

‘Que sera sera…’

FFS get in your car one evening and go get it or stop buying stuff you can’t collect (with my sympathetic head on, after an hour of sorting EE billing). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I haven’t bought it due to the logistical issue.

I don’t like leaving my dog shut in on her own for more than 3-4 hours at time and it’s going to be the best part of 2 hours each way even on a good day, so if I get stuck in traffic or breakdown then it will be a major problem.

Why not take the dog?

Take the dog, collect it at 9.30pm in the evening when there is least traffic and you’ll avoid the congestion charge.

Alternative is to get a courier to collect and pack if nobody can do this.

I bought my current amp from someone inside the congestion zone. I drove in on a friday evening after work which wasnt ideal, but not horrific.

Driving in during the late evening midweek will be ok. If reliable transport is needed renting a basic car is going to be cheaper than a dedicated courier/ packing service, enterprise will give you a Corsa for 24 hours for about £26.

It’s only an amp - plenty more fish in the sea, so if I can’t sort something out I’ll just leave it.

No longer required - thanks for the input!!

Feckin box swappers…:roll_eyes:

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Sold it already Paul ? :smiley: