AAAC 01/01/2019 One Giant Leap - One Giant Leap

I’ve been a bit non-plussed about listening to music of late, but getting back into it, albeit slowly… and what better way to ease back in with this beauty. See below for details.


I love this cd, hopefully it will be on streaming sites.

Here is a synopsis from Wikipedia

Well produced, forward thinking, world music.

Have at it… Ya Melts.


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Great choice, not listened to this in a very long while, so high time I repaid it a visit.

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AAAC in stonking album shock. This is good enough even to excuse the presence of Robbie Williams.


I was going to mention that, but decided to keep it quiet. :slight_smile:

He is kept well in check by Catto and Bridgeman and is actually quite listenable especially with the poignant lyrics and Maxi Jazz.

Stop putting good albums on AAAC that are not available on vinyl :tired_face: cunts


I’ve owned a copy of this since about 2004. Great album.

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