AAAC 07/05/2019 Bark Psychosis 'Hex'

To re-open the AAAC I have chosen one of my favourite albums of the 90s and one that I often return to.

Recorded in St John’s Church in London in 1994, this is not Britpop!

Sweet and spacious melancholy or just gloom-rock depending on your persuasion, there are lots of influences in this, the most obvious being Talk Talk, but there’s Eno, jazz, slow-core etc also woven in these stretched out atmospheric tracks.

Clearly, if you don’t like or at least appreciate this then you is cunt.


Nice one Wayne. Hopefully this is the Qobuz link:

Interesting… another one of these names I’ve always been aware of but never knowingly listened to. Will check it out…
Classy album cover.

I knew of these guys in their very early days - before they even had an album out. One of my friends at college even got them to come up and play live in the student bar, when they only had about three songs. I’ll put this on later and imagine I’m rolling a huge spliff!

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The amount of times I’ve owned and then not owned this Album !

S’pose I’ll give it another crack, for old times sake, and all that.

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Can someone tag the thread with AAAC so that I can find it when I come to criticise the originator for misselling what appears to be a prog album.

Interesting music, well played and recorded but crap singing. His singing was that bad that i wished this was an instrumental album. 2/5.

Not for me, random drumming and a ‘singer’ who can’t actually sing so talks through songs. Some nice guitar work though.


This lot completely passed me by so this was totally new to me.

I enjoyed it and a great recording to boot - a thumbs up from me Wayne.

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I hadn’t listened to this for years so it was a real trip down memory lane. Musically it is very well played and recorded. It has a touch of the lush instrumentation on a Tindersticks LP while also showing some of the sparseness of something like Talk Talk’s mid-period output. I actually don’t mind the vocalist either, but he is not the strongest. What this fails to do for me is to create the atmosphere and intensity of a really top notch album. Partly this is down to the lyrics, but mostly it is down to a lack of cohesion.

Not bad at all, I might go and buy a copy as I’ve never actually owned it. Extra 0.5 points for a great band name.

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Never really got into this album, close but no 3 skin doobie.

It is well known that Wayne’s and my musical tastes are at polar opposites. He tends to go for stuff which impresses his Hipster mates or grumpy old men in their 70s singing shit soul music, which appeals to similarly aged grumpy old men. I have chosen a very different and better path.

This album reflects a potential bridge between us.

It has it’s moments. These moments are very good indeed. The singer (sic) is a bit dire. Some tracks are woefully dull. But when it kicks into the correct gear it comes together well.

All in all not a bad effort C+.

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Yeah as most people have said, the singer is not up to much but to be honest as I’ve largely listened to this stoned it’s not as if I’m really that bothered about the lyrics tbh :wink:

When stoned, Yes lyrics are all win :smirk:

There aren’t enough drugs available for anybody to get sufficiently stoned to enjoy Yes lyrics until Keith Richards is dead. Once he carks it, you might get sufficiently mullered if you skinned Keef up and smoked him. Even then I doubt it…

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