AAAC 08/01/19 - The second Tindersticks album


I was quite a latecomer to Tindersticks, probably only becoming aware of them in about 1999.

Lead singer Stuart Staples vocals are something of an acquired taste but personally I like the often overwrought quality they sometimes have. It also fitted my mood well at the time. Both the lyrics and the arrangements on this album are extremely strong with surprising variety throughout. I’d veered away from Indie Rock some years earlier but this album reminded me that there could still be novelty, beauty & emotion in it.

Brilliant Album and a good choice.

I’ll second that, belter and the album that got me into them.

Same as that

I’ve seen them play live twice, the first time at Reading in 1993 IIRC where they were competing with the RHCP dull-a-thon on the main stage and more recently in Dublin. I’m surprised I don’t own more of their LPs and am looking forward to re-visiting this.

Like TS and seen them live a few times. I’m sure I had this on LP but after half hour searching I still can’t find it. Probably imagined it. Anyway good choice.

Sort of OK, but would be better without the pub singer over it, bloody annoying lack of anything in his voice. Like the very boring cleric in Father Ted, you end up somewhere else doing something while listening to him.

Very samey songs, OK but nothing to write home about for me.


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I really enjoyed this. It is a Tindersticks LP so you know what to expect. I shall add it to my collection as soon as I find a decent copy.


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3/5 it’s alright, but I’ve never been a big fan.