Aaac 09/05/2017

Right… this is it. The one you have been waiting for. …

The one that will unite the old fuddy duddies, prog rockers and jazzers of hereabouts.

An album so full of subtleties that it will test the most golden of ears with notes varying from brown noise through to the very highest crispest errr… you get the message.

This one will stop Terry in his tracks doing whatever-the-fuck-he-does-in-that-shed.

Fila Brazillia - Maim that Tune.

If you don’t like this… you are mechanical.


This might be interesting. I’m aware of them because of some work they did with A Certain Ratio about 15 years ago that I quite liked. I’ve never heard any of their own stuff though

You clearly need to change the bongwater. As far as I can tell, nothing short of elves wearing capes playing 18 minute pan pipe and flute solos in the middle of 95 minute ‘tunes’ would disturb @MGOwner’s shed based meditation (sheditation :thinking:).


I have it and will pull it out for an airing. Ooh er Mrs.

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It has songs on it called “Harmonicas are Shite” and “Extract of Pineal Gland” ffs, that has to pique his interest. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a favourite on this album as they all tickle my fancy, however ‘Slacker’ if it was a book, I would describe it as un put downable.

Just ordered a copy off fleabay :+1:

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Great choice, I’m a big fan, spent many a good 'un at pork nights, I tried to make a documentary on their label, whilst at uni. Plenty of other good stuff on the label that Steve cobby put his hands to…
Personal favourite is black market gardening

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Brilliant…thanks for that. Any recommendations greatly welcomed.

Well…this is all going rather well isn’t it? :slight_smile:

I believe that this was the motto of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

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Great for late night relaxing after returning from the pub after a few sherbets. 3.5/5

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There is a rather good djmix that Steve cobby did at spirit land on mixcloud not so long ago.

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Mmm, I’m getting generic chill out / down tempo thing here.

I’ve got a looot of this kind of thing and I’m not sure I need any more.

2/5, sorry.

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Baw bag. You tried tho, and that is all we can ask.

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I’ll have to search MediaMonkey when I get home.

I suspect that I have a load of their stuff on compilations, which is why it’s so familiar.

1 hour 16 of noodling. I’m afraid that meant I never managed a full listen (skipped bits). It’s knowingly cool and chilled (including the titles), but just too long and too empty for me to sit down and enjoy as an album. As a background listen, I reckon it would be OK.

Listened earlier and can’t remember much about it, good chilling music but does kind of melt into the background.

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'Kinell that was boring.

Well, that’s an hour I’ll not get back.

There’s an ideal word for this album…Tediocre :unamused: