AAAC 10 October - Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid

Alas my choice of Japanese flute jazz wasn’t on any streaming service, so here is something worse, Hip Hop.

“Lyrical prowess is never in doubt, and neither is the idea that the MC is an acquired taste, but this wordy, extroverted, and capricious effort is an alive whirlwind with more pride than usual. That last bit makes it one of the most persuasive Aesop efforts to date.” - Allmusic.



Graphs are good:

Number of different words means nothing, it’s how you use them.

It’s OK, I like hip hop and have done for yonks, however this strikes me as a bit of being clever for cleverness sake. I like the more agressive hood rough end of the neighbourhood stylee, with more darkness and menace.

Doesn’t grab me like say Kendrick Lamar and is not as catchy as 2 Chainz or Drake.

Keep on listening to Public Enemy.

I have no idea what you’re talking about… :confused:

Which might be why I was surprised by how much I liked this. I don’t normally listen to hip hop, but I have enjoyed this.

Have played it a couple of times. It’s musically and lyrically adventurous. Nicely melodic. I like the lack of ‘gangsta’.

Not bad at all.

I checked out a few related suggestions and Doom was also very enjoyable. Maybe I should listen to more of this sort of hip hop. :confused:

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Prior to listening to this, I’d wished that he’d chosen Japanese flute jazz but actually this was “Not bad at all.”. 3/5

To be honest, I don’t rate the album much higher than not bad at all, I really like a few of the tracks, but figured it was a bit different and not likely to be on most people’s radar so a decent choice for the AAAC.

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Balls. I forgot to post my review. I shall do some revision. Apologies…