AAAC: 10th July: The Gaslamp Killer Experience - Live in Los Angeles

For my AAAC choice, I have gone with a Live Album by one of my favourite artists.

The Gaslamp Killer (William Benjamin Bensussen) is Los Angeles-based DJ and producer whose style ranges from psychedelia and world music to dubstep and left-field hip-hop. GLK’s left-field is LEFT-FIELD by any standard.

This Live Album is recorded in a single take at L.A.’s Mayan Theatre and captures GLK performing live with a 15 piece band comprised of some of that city’s most sought-after jazz musicians and Brainfeeder associate Computer Jay on keys.

When I say performing live, I really mean acting as a modern day conductor, using his iPad to interact wirelessly with the band.

The Album is a quirky, heady mix of dubbed-out psychedelia, space jazz, heavy funk, sampled Ethiopian beats and vocals, disembodied vocals, chamber music and scratch DJing that really builds to a crescendo with the 13 minute anthem ‘Keep it Simple Stupid’.

A very difficult Album to pigeon hole, always interesting, always something different going on, sometimes a bit challenging, always like nothing else.

I like it for its quirkiness and its inventive mix of breaks, beats, tempo’s and musical styles. Live is never a bad thing either :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I don’t have access to Tidal, so if somebody could oblige, I would be grateful.

Excellent choice Mike :+1:

Sorry, meant to post this earlier:

Thanks Olan :+1:

Very weird but ultimately pointless.:unamused:

I find myself agreeing with UP.

FFS! Kill me now :roll_eyes:

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My job here is done


I try to post something unobjectionable once every month or so, you just got (un)lucky.

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Jesus this was a difficult listen. I don’t mind an LP that mixes style (we all remember the one side guitar, once side sequencer thing that New Order did, or the ballads and dancier numbers on a Simply Red record etc). The idea that you bung a load of top musicians on stage and decide to play jazz, funk, hip-hop and a bit of soul works if you do it across an LP. Not all at the same time on each and every song. I had to listen to it a second time to see if I was missing something, but nope, there it was, everything, all at once, every song, every style.

Interesting record. Insane, but interesting.


Just had a very quick listen of this,some good stuff,though bit to busy in parts;


I like Jazz. I like syncopated rhythms. I like a bit of Weird.

But when you have jazzy syncopated rhythms and overlay out of time scratching which is alien to the musical concept, it will sound like shit.

This sounds like shit !

Quite pleased; seems to be going down well, so far.

If you judge ‘going down well’ against the Brexit negotiations than I guess you could say that.:lying_face:

I have really enjoyed this one. It’s quite mental, but it works for me. Plus I hope to closely resemble the album cover when I reach my sixties

It’s a cracker

Told ya :smiley:

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