AAAC 12 September - Across Tundras- Electric Relics

For some reason, even though all of their albums are available for free on Bandcamp, this one isn’t on Spotify or Deezer, and I think it’s their best one.

So, download free or stream here:

Yes, it’s a little bit cuntry, but an acceptable level for me given the heavy and the druggy, which amps up on the final track Unfortunate Son

It is not on TIDAL either, although there are a bunch of their other LPs there.

Yeah pretty much all of them- free bandcamp ok though? If not I can change my choice before anyone abuses it if I’m super quick

Nope, I’ve downloaded it and am listening to it. You won’t need to change your choice super quick to generate abuse though.





After first listen…

It sounds like the band you were in when you were at school? When you were at nursery? Your first band as a foetus?

Something about some pszyche band that did it better and were actually psychedelic

Here’s something that looks like it should satisfy you two

I actually have that :grin:

They had a very young Bon Scott and Adelaide legend “Uncle”.

Actually, here you go

Are we done here?

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'twas partly my point

Actually, still waiting on people that would almost certainly like it if i recommended it on the WAYLTN thread to come and say it’s shit

C’mon fucksticks, hurry up @mosfet @MJ2

Nope. None of that actually. I’m very impressed with it. This is largely due to the absence of flutes and the fact that it attempts to have some songs. I’m going to listen to it again before I express my feelings about it as an LP.

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a thread you can fuck off to, then


Chuck 'em some coinage if you download any other albums then :smiley:

I’m impressed with what it isn’t.

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“Electric Relics”, aye right.

Time to 'fess up.

It’s you in cowboy boots and a cape, isn’t it?

It’s a lycra cowboy hat

I have to say, not really for me. It sounds like a good band played at the wrong speed (too slow). Not keen on the singer (bad version of Neil Young) and it’s pretty derivative of many 1970’s bands. Sounds like a US garage band from 1975 to me,

Can do better, but at least it’s not country music girl with guitar or prog.


Unlike all the rest, I really like this and will continue to investigate their back catalogue as well. Thanks!

(That said, given we evidently have similar tastes based on a lot of your now listening posts over time, I really wasn’t too surprised to find it enjoyable).

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