AAAC 13/11/18 Thievery Corporation - Treasures from the Temple

Most of you cunts probably won’t like this, but I do, so get to fuck :grin:

It’s their latest album from earlier this year.



Hooray! Something I’m looking forward to - missed the release.

Got 3 tracks in and got bored. Started off OK on track 1, then you notice the crap drum sound, the lack of groove in the rhythm section and then the pale souless beat that continues on track 2 and a slight variation on track 3.

I tried to listen past it, but it’s like some sort of cancer on this record, the drum / bass is the basis of this style of music and quite frankly it’s shit on this album. It’s electronic and souless.

Lyrics are OK, some of the twiddly bits are OK, but it needs to move air in rhythm.

I don’t know the two chaps, but they sound like middle class ‘getto’ chaps to me.



Not where I grew up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Watched the video.

Are all the vocals in French.

If so I can give you nil point.

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Big up the semi detached massive.



Thank fuck.

Will play it on my Sonos later.:+1:

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Fishponds, Thingwall Park in a terraced 'ouse mate.

Like them a lot but didn’t know they had a new album, looking forward to listening to this.

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Uhh, I think I listened to this 2 or 3 times earlier this week, so I’ll cut to the chase and give it 4/5 :+1:

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Didn’t Thievery Corporation feature in a previous AAAC or WAC? I recall quite liking one of their albums. This is OK, but is a but wishy-washy. It is a 3/5 from me.

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Nope. Definitely NOT for me :tired_face:

Giving it a listen now, not listened to them since ‘The Cosmic Game’.

First track swings like a Fat Freddy’s Drop number. If you are a fan look for a DJ set by Rob Garcia on Mixcloud, very good recording and a nice selection. Will post a link.

Oh, some rapper just spoilt track 2 for me. Will stick with it.

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Had to finish listening in the car. I was enjoying it, pretty laid back stuff that sounds like it would sound at home on a hotel costes collection.
All fine until I asked for scores from the family (strictly style), two ‘4’s from the kids, the wife refused to score it, saying it sounding like something you’d hear waiting for a fajita.

Oh well. A solid effort in my view.

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Sorry, not unlistenable by any means, but this does nothong for me - 3/10.

Down with thongs, vote nothong.

How many thongs are on the album?

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