AAAC 14/05/2019 Frazey Ford ‘Indian Ocean’

“Whatever you thought (or didn’t) about Frazey Ford’s previous outfit, folk trio the Be Good Tanyas, it’s worth approaching her second solo album as a stand-alone work. Ford recorded it in Memphis with Al Green’s old band, the Hi Rhythm Section. The result is a minor country-soul gem, full of lovely and deeply atmospheric instrumentation gilding Ford’s alluring vocals. Her words are chewed up and impressionistic but delivered by a limpid voice – a beguiling contradiction that sustains your interest throughout. Done tells of a relationship breakdown, the intensity of Ford’s words masked by her own delivery and the genial canter of brass and keys.” - Kitty Empire (The Guardian 26/10/2014)


Great choice, a bake off favourite :+1:

Great :unamused:

A voice that could grate carrot at 30 yards…

I’m looking forward to this now.

I’m going to tell Rick on you…

I can’t say I liked this much, or actively disliked it. In theory it is the kind of thing I might listen to, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, Hammond organ, girlie vocals. The reality is that there is no variety in the songs, they are all medium paced melodic numbers with no real hook. The vocalist has a very, very strange style which renders the lyrics all but incomprehensible much of the time. Her voice is not strong enough to support a glossolalia style approach a la Liz Fraser or Lisa Gerrard so this was just irritating. I could detect neither intensity nor meaning to much of the performance so it was all a bit nice but pointless. The Sundays did this kind of thing so much better 25 years ago.


I could have written that, except maybe the girlie vocals :thinking: Oh, and the bit about being the sort of thing I might listen to.

It is a nondescript, samey, blurr. Nothing outstanding. Nothing worth remembering.


At least you both gave it a go and listened to it. :slight_smile:

One of us wrote a review and then the other copied it…and had the temerity to whinge :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

It is my turn next for the AAAC :japanese_ogre:

I enjoyed it, although as Olan said, her singing style isn’t the best but don’t think it detracts too much…

The one thing that struck me is that they must be big fans of Hi Records. Take out the singer and get a Syl Johnson or Otis Clay and you’re away.

From the quote I used to introduce my choice -> “Ford recorded it in Memphis with Al Green’s old band, the Hi Rhythm Section”.

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Sorry Ian I never noticed that bit honest. :upside_down_face:

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I like all the ingredients I just don’t like the way they are cooked.

No idea what the singer is on about because I can’t stand her vocal style.

Might be nice live if I was sat down with a cocktail talking to a beautiful stranger, and this was playing in the background.

Otherwise 2/5.

I’m listening to this right now. I like her wailier vocals, but some of it is a bit Norah Jones. Quite like it overall though.




It’s like this…

I quite liked two tracks (2 & 3), not sure I could actualy buy something like this though. A whole LP is waaaaay too much of this band.

Ms ICHM loved it, but thought it was a bit bland and Snora Jones.

p.s. I actually quite like her voice and style :innocent:

p.p.s. It does sound like a Glasgow Country singer film I recently saw.


Somewhat surprised that I’ve not been eviscerated for my choice of album.

I found it to difficult to get worked up about really. You need to nominate something truly awful to bring out the hate. Nominating a thriple LP of Guilt Machine remixes might do it though.

Bugger ! Surprise is everything. I’ll have to find summat else now :angry:

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