AAAC 14th March - Brazil Bossa Beat - The story of Elenco records

Bad news guys, It’s my turn again!

This is a compilation album of Elenco Records offerings and I can imagine that it will provoke some interesting comments :smile:

Elenco was formed on a shoestring budget in 1963 by ex. Philips Records representative and bossa nova aficionado - Aloysio de Oliveira. By the time he sold Elenco in 1968 bossa nova had become the soundtrack to Brazilian life.

A quote from The Economist review can describe this much more eloquently than I…

The collection runs hot to cold, ardent red to lonesome blue—it soothes and abrades. The variations are so numerous that a dozen songs in, the word “genre” begins to ring false. More accurately, bossa nova was a musical frame through which local musicians and poets viewed the rapid modernisation of Brazil.

I can only comment on the Vinyl version, but the recordings vary in quality, although some of them are astonishingly good and none of them really bad.



or not :wink:

I don’t do digital, but someone may be able to post a link to this on Spotty-fi or somesuch clever site

I’ve got a copy. Variable describes it very well! Some great tracks but not consistent enough - one for digital where you can skip tracks.

A mate of mine had this and insisted on playing it every time I went around.
It reeks of adequate.
It ranges from decent to dire. From enjoyment to despair. Hot to cold. Shit to shittier.

I’m out.

That’s a good sign then :wink:


Sounds nice;

Dyb dyb dyb

Is it on Spotify? Can’t find it… :confused:

maybe not

Bossa Nova And The Story Of Elenco Records, Brazil -
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SJRCD242 - Soul Jazz Records Presents Bossa Nova Beat! - Bossa Nova And The Story Of Elenco Records, Brazil Tracks: CD 1: LOBO,EDU: Resolucao CD 2: …

Follow that link and click on the title underneath the turntable picture to hear individual tracks