AAAC 15/01/19 - Caribou - Up in flames

Don’t know if this is well known but it’s new to me, I’m listening to a lot of Flaming Lips stuff at the moment and came across this while feretting through Roon.

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I have this, but to be frank I have no idea what it sounds like.

I promise to give it another go.

I like Caribou and Our Love is a fave of mine,

but not this album today; of it’s time I guess but a little too raw and experimental for me. There is skill and invention here no doubt.

Not really sure about this LP at all. In theory in should be the sort of thing I listen to all the time. The music is very sparse, almost devoid of melody, centered on complex beats produced by acoustic and emulated percussion, drones, samples and minimal instrumentation, the production is good and the vocals are interesting. Yet (not but), it does not work for me at all. I found it difficult to get interested in the LP and on each listen I had lost interest by the end of track 4.

2.5/5 and I won’t be pursuing this.

What @htm_1968 said, except I would be less generous and give it 1.5/5

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